2 Websites That Have Techies and Gamers Covered for Black Friday

black friday dealsBlack Friday is coming fast, and in a world where online products can sell out in seconds, the faster you know about a deal, the better.

There are two websites that often serve as the folks lighting the lanterns in Boston, if you will. These people see the British (the deals), and they put out the signal. Your TechCrunches, Mashables, IGNs, etc. — they are the Paul Reveres of Black Friday.

Remember that. Someone knew before Paul Revere.


There’s an entire Black Friday section here, complete with scans of every retail flyer you could possibly care about. For general tech products, it’s the only site you need.

Cheap Ass Gamer

If you want info on deals for games, specifically, the forums at Cheap Ass Gamer are the place to go. Deals and discounts often show up here before I see them anywhere else, and they routinely have flyers for game shops and retailers 1 to 2 weeks in advance.

Now go, shop, and be merry.



SM Far

SM Far writes about technology and gaming all around the Web. He also creates online content for businesses.