Destiny’s Age of Triumph Cuts Down Crucible Modes, Adds Bounties

When Destiny’s “Age of Triumph” event launches later this month, it’ll come with a reduced number of matchmade playlists in its Crucible multiplayer mode. Bungie reported the news today in its “This Week at Bungie” blog post:

As we arrive at the Age of Triumph, we’re making changes to the Crucible to improve matchmaking quality and allow more flexibility for how you earn rewards. The number of active Crucible playlists are being reduced to help draw Guardians into a more focused set of battlegrounds.

The Crucible playlist screen, which typically has 11 matchmaking playlists (sometimes 12 if Trials of Osiris or Iron Banner are active), will be reduced in size to six: five “core” playlists and one playlist that rotates.

Along with the Crucible changes, Bungie is also bringing new bounties to Age of Triumph. Lord Shaxx will offer weekly bounties specific to each 6v6 Crucible playlist (instead of one large bounty for one particular mode). The Crucible Quartermaster will offer five new bounties, as well, which can be completed by using certain weapon archetypes in the Crucible.

Age of Triumph arrives as a free download for Destiny on March 28.


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