Here’s Why Apple Is Full of Shit

“Touch Disease” is an issue with the iPhone 6 Plus that causes the display to flicker — sometimes with a gray bar at the top — and occasionally, or permanently, become unresponsive. The issue made headlines in August when it seemed to pop up on a large number of devices at the same time (mine included), quickly becoming 22% of iPhone-related repairs at Apple Stores.

Except, until last week, Apple wasn’t repairing the phones at all. It was simply telling customers to pay $329 for a replacement, or buy a newer phone.

Now Apple has a repair program in place for the defect it refused to acknowledge for almost three months. It will cost iPhone 6 Plus owners $149 to cure Touch Disease, which itself is a slap in the face, as the issue is the result of a design flaw and is not the fault of the user. But Apple couldn’t admit that. Instead, the company said this.

Apple has determined that some iPhone 6 Plus devices may exhibit display flickering or Multi-Touch issues after being droppedĀ multiple times on a hard surface and then incurring further stress on the device.

As I stated earlier, my iPhone 6 Plus was one of many suffering from Touch Disease. As soon as the issue started, I spoke to Apple Support and drove my phone from Harrisburg, PA to Lancaster. I showed up on time for my appointment, waited thirty minutes past (because that’s a thing that happens at Apple Stores, apparently) and finally interacted with an employee, who took all of twenty seconds to tell me I’d need to buy a replacement.

I got up and walked out.

Now, here’s why Apple is full of shit.



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