Last Minute Xbox Wishes for E3

By the time I publish this post, Microsoft’s E3 press conference will be less than thirty fifteen minutes away. And while some things are sure to be a lock (hi, Xbox One Slim), other announcements or products are still up in the air. Rather than wait patiently, I’d like to speculate-slash-dream about what I’d like to see when Xbox head Phil Spencer takes the stage.

Fingers crossed:

A major push for cross-platform play — If Microsoft wants to get Sony on board for this, it’ll need to do so with a show of strength. Trotting out a bunch of titles that have Windows 10/Xbox One cross-platform play could help.

Microsoft’s plan for VR — It’s been rumored that Microsoft will utilize the Oculus Rift in some way for the Xbox One. If that is true, there’s no better time than E3 to make that announcement. Sony’s VR product comes this holiday, and the Xbox One can’t afford to trail the PlayStation 4 in yet another category.



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