We’re Bringing Back the Mini Game Review

As a kid, I grew up on magazines like Electronic Gaming Monthly. I loved peeling the plastic off a new issue, reading the letter from the editor, and flipping back to the reviews section to get each reviewer’s take on the games they played.

These reviews weren’t always very big. As you can see in the image above, many of them were just a few sentences long. But I always felt they got the message across. They told you what you needed to know.

Game reviews today? They are enormous. They’ve moved from the printed page to the webpage, where space is infinite, and have scaled up accordingly. It’s not uncommon to see a review that sprawls over many pages, breaking each and every facet of a game down to the point where simply reading it becomes a job in and of itself.

We’re not here to write the next Great American Novel. We’re here to tell you if we enjoyed a game and if we feel it’s worth the price tag. So moving forward, that will be the approach.

100 Word Reviews

We’re going to kick off game reviews starting on Monday with a review of Destiny 2. The main block of content will be capped at 100 words, and that cap will remain in place for every game review going forward.

Once reviews start popping up, they’ll be accessible via the front page of the site, the menu bar, and a space in the sidebar where we’ll list our most recent reviews.

The reviews themselves will be scored on a percentage scale, from 0% to 100%. And that score will be determined by asking four very simple questions:

  • Is the game fun?
  • Does everything in the game work as expected?
  • Does it bring something new to the table?
  • Is it worth the asking price?

We want to capture the essence of those old video game magazine reviews by providing you with the information you need to make a purchasing decision — and nothing more. Present-day game reviews tend to give a lot of the game away in the name of doing an incredibly thorough review. We’re not going to be doing that, and we think the reviews will be better because of it.

Reviews in Audio Form

Starting on Monday, we’re also launching Speedrun: a gaming news podcast that will give you a quick look at the day’s biggest stories. Our more compact reviews will translate to that channel well, so in addition to the daily news updates on the Speedrun feed, you’ll also be getting audio editions of our game reviews. We plan to have those up and running by the beginning of October.

Thanks for Being Cool

Our site is a small one, so your support and readership means a great deal. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back, and then accept our sincere thanks for being fans of Gizjo.



SM Far

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