All sorts of Razer products are discounted at Best Buy

Some of these deals are pretty darn good.
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When it comes to gaming hardware, Razer is a pretty big name. Unfortunately, the company’s products can be a little pricey at times. That isn’t the case right now, at least, as Best Buy has slashed prices on all sorts of Razer goodies. From mice and keyboards to full-on gaming laptops, it seems just about anything with the Razer name on it has a much lower price than it did previously.

What’s standing out to me at the moment? Well, it’s tough to look past Razer’s Huntsman Elite mechanical keyboard. It has RGB Chroma Backlighting, and typically retails for $200. Right now, it’s $150.

Best Buy also dropped the price of the Basilisk Ultimate wireless optical gaming mouse, which comes with a nifty charging dock and usually rings up at $170. It can be yours (as long as this discount is active) for $100.

And for those who want a fancier portable gaming rig, the Razer Blade 15 base, which sports a 15.6-inch 4K display, an Nvidia RTX 2070, an Intel Core i7, 512 GB of SSD storage, and 16 GB of RAM, is on sale. This will usually cost you roughly $2,300. Today, it is $1,700. Can you find an RTX 2070 laptop at a lower price? That’s a maybe. Will you find it in the same sleek form factor Razer quite obviously borrowed from the MacBook line? Not a chance.

It’s not entirely obvious at the moment how long these discounts will stick around. If any of these products appeal to you, though, or there’s something else Razer you want to check a price on, I suggest you head over to Best Buy quickly.