Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day kicks off on June 21

It’s almost Prime time.

If you love shopping deals of all sorts, we have some good news for you: Amazon Prime Day now has an official date. According to an announcement from the company itself, the annual Amazon shopping event will run across two days this year — June 21 and June 22.

Prime Day routinely offers discounts on items in a number of different categories, including tech and video games. In the above link, you can already see some previews of what Amazon will be putting on sale. There’s everything from TVs to books to household items and more.

Amazon is making it a point to note that those using an Amazon Prime credit card will get “an extra 1% reward” on top of the 5% they get already. And apparently those with Alexa devices will get “early access to some major Prime Day deals,” and can even snag a $5 Amazon account credit if they sign up for Prime using an Alexa device.

I mainly will be scoping out Amazon Prime Day for the game deals. If I can potentially nab myself a few discounted Xbox Game Pass subscription cards, that would be choice. I might also be in the market for some iPad accessories. It we get some good Apple discounts out of Prime Day, I will be very happy indeed.

It remains to be seen how great this particular Prime Day is comparatively, though. Early on when these sales first started, they were very good. The past few years, they’ve been a tad bit disappointing. Hopefully Amazon has learned some lessons in that regard.

By the way: one Amazon Prime Day deal might’ve kicked off a little too early, offering way too deep a discount. Wario64 Tweeted out a code earlier this morning that gave users 99% off Twitch merchandise. That section of the store has now been cleaned out, with some users getting items for as little as $0.10. Oops.

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