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Apple podcast subscriptions have arrived

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Apple has long been promising to bring podcast subscriptions to iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Today, according to a report from Ars Technica, the company made good on that promise. The new feature can now be used in the Podcasts app on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. At last check, some shows are already making use of it, and it’s possible newer, more premium podcasts could be born out of its presence.

All podcasts using the subscription feature will have to charge at least $0.49 per month. Apple — just as it does with the App Store — will step in to take a 30 percent cut from subscriptions, though that does drop down to 15 percent if a user remains subscribed to a podcast longer than 12 months.

It does appear Apple will allow users to trial shows, so they can perhaps listen to a back catalog of content and know what they’re getting before ponying up actual cash for a subscription. That could ease the minds of some who will initially balk at paying for, what a long time, has been free (often ad-supported) content.

I am very eager to see which podcasts make the leap here, and what kind of impact these moves will have. I’m also hoping that, at some point in the future, a podcast runs the numbers and tries to figure out what it made by being free with ads versus what it made having a subscription — just to see which comes out ahead.

The Apple Podcasts app is perhaps the most widely used one out there, so the addition of this new feature will put podcast subscriptions in front of many for the very first time. We’re in some uncharted territory here: all we can do now is sit back and watch what happens.