ipad mini

Apple reportedly making a new iPad mini

It is about time.
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I’m someone who doesn’t ask for a whole lot when it comes to Apple products. There isn’t a foldable iPhone yet? I’m not going to complain about it. It’s better to be right — or closer to right — than be first. With that said, I will go to the mat for the iPad mini, a device I feel deserves a lot more love than Apple currently gives it. I suppose that’s why this news caught my eye: there’s word that Apple indeed has an iPad mini redesign in the works.

According to Bloomberg, this new iPad mini could arrive sometime later this year. Praise the heavens, it could also go with the type of look that users of the current iPad mini have been begging for: the one the iPad Pro models use. As Bloomberg wrote, “The updated iPad mini is planned to have narrower screen borders while the removal of its home button has also been tested.” If that ends up getting us a mini that looks like this, I’m in for it.

Credit: Robert C. / Medium

For eBooks and kicked-back bed or couch browsing, it’s tough to beat the mini already. One that looks even more like a Pro — and potentially has some sort of keyboard/trackpad attachment to boot — could be a real gamechanger.

As the Bloomberg story noted, Apple also has some other iPad-related update in the works. There could be a new Pro set for 2022 that includes wireless charging. And later this year, perhaps at the same time as this iPad mini would supposedly drop, Apple may roll out another version of its entry level tablet. That model would reportedly be “a thinner version,” and would be “geared toward students.”