AT&T Girl

AT&T Girl: Who she is, and how the internet was terrible to her

Surely you’ve seen the AT&T girl, Lily, in an ad. But who is the actress playing her? And how much bull has she dealt with online thanks to her role? Let’s dive in.

Lily, known by fans and rando TV watchers alike as AT&T Girl, is the unofficial mascot of the telecom company at the moment. She talks up the perks of going with AT&T as your wireless provider. She’s a friendly face helping a customer inside a fictional AT&T store. The actress who plays her — Milana Vayntrub — has certainly gotten a lot more publicity out of this role.

Not all of it has been great, though. Because the internet is the internet. And if you’re a woman, you know exactly what that means.

People have been pretty gross toward the AT&T Girl online

Because they’ve seen her as Lily in the AT&T ads, people have been downright raunchy when addressing Vayntrub on social media. According to Barstool Sports, AT&T even had to turn off the comments on one particular Instagram post because people were, uh — well, they were being a bit much. Let’s just say that.

Vayntrub ended up talking about that incident herself on Instagram Live. When asked why she doesn’t just report all the people making inappropriate comments, she said, “Honestly, there’s like so many more of them than I have time to report.”

Vayntrub, aka ATT Girl, even changed her ads in response

So yeah — it’s a problem for her. So much so that, when Vayntrub returned as Lily in some newer ads, she altered how she was positioned in them so that more of her body was hidden.

As Vayntrub wrote on Twitter in March 2021, “I direct the ads. I place myself like that. And it’s because of the thousands of unwelcome comments I receive about my body.”

Of course, [some] [still] [couldn’t] [help] [themselves]. Because Twitter isn’t Twitter if there aren’t just a gajillion people missing the point.

Moral of the story: The internet is an awful place

att girl

It’s a bummer things had to reach this stage, where an actress is changing things up just to try and head off unwanted comments online. But until social media companies can wrap their arms around this harassment issue — and until we can teach more people not to suck — it’s hard to see it going away.

That’s the story of AT&T girl and how the internet can be absolute crap at times. In the meantime, here’s Vayntrub in a totally unrelated (but hilarious/ridiculous) comedy video. Enjoy.

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