Daniel Dae Kim

Daniel Dae Kim makes people nervous on airplanes, which is understandable

I, too, would not be all that happy about seeing Daniel Dae Kim on my plane. It would just remind me how dangerous the giant flying tube really is.
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Do you remember seeing Oceanic Flight 815 rip in literal freaking half on Lost? If so, that moment might’ve made you a bit more suspicious about airplanes. They still freak me out from time to time. I use them a lot. Each time, I try not to think about the fact that I’m zipping through the sky in a giant metal tube that absolutely must remain intact in just about every respect. If you lose a tire on a car, at least you stand a fighting chance. If you lose a wing on an airplane, well — it was nice knowing you.

Lost character Jin-Soo Kwon, played by Daniel Dae Kim, was on that fictional Oceanic flight. And recently, the actor revealed to Jimmy Kimmel that there are others like me in the world with working memories who would not be thrilled to see him on their aircraft. As Kim tells it, those who share a flight with him sometimes seem a bit iffy about the whole arrangement. One plane ride in particular — taken back when Lost was in its prime — really stood out to him.

“I remember we were going from Hawaii to L.A. for a press event, and all of us were actually heading onto the plane. We didn’t even think about how successful the show had been,” Kim said. “And people started looking at us and then started looking down, nervously. Because if we all were on the plane, they were in trouble, because we survived.”

By that, he presumably means the other passengers likely thought they were toast. Daniel Dae Kim would come to on some remote island beach, seemingly unharmed. And they would, you know, probably leave a small crater in the ground.

Kim was on Kimmel to promote his new anti-Asian hate organization, The Asian American Foundation, which truly seems like a great and timely cause for the moment we find ourselves in. The foundation just booted up a few days back, and Kim hopes it can help “stop the violence and hate against Asian Americans” — an issue that has become more prevalent thanks to COVID-19.

You can learn more about the foundation and Daniel Day Kim’s work on it by visiting its website.