Destiny 2 crossplay

Destiny 2 crossplay is getting a beta next week

If you’ve been hoping for Destiny 2 crossplay to drop sometime soon, next week’s beta test is a welcome sign indeed.
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One of the biggest things Destiny 2 has been missing is the ability to play with people on other platforms. Fortnite does it. Call of Duty does it. Bungie’s sci-fi looter shooter, however, hasn’t been part of the club. That is fortunately about to change, as next week, a Destiny 2 crossplay beta will go live and give everyone a chance to break down those garden walls.

There’s even a little prize involved if you’re willing to be a guinea pig.

According to a recent This Week at Bungie post, Destiny 2 crossplay will be tested from May 25 through May 27, which is Tuesday through Thursday of next week. The limited crossplay run will take the form of a special Vanguard Strikes playlist, which will match “Guardians playing on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Stadia.”

Unfortunately, that’s as far as crossplay will go at this time. Bungie noted that you won’t be able to jump into a fireteam with someone from another platform, nor will you be able take part in any other activities with them. This is strictly about matchmaking people from many different places.

If you do choose to take part in the beta, and you run a grand total of three Strikes in the special playlist, Bungie has a gift for you: the Emblem you see below.

I’m personally extremely excited to see how this works, as I’m primarily an Xbox player who has friends on both PlayStation and PC. It’ll be nice to jump into fireteams with them once the feature is more widely available.

Destiny 2 crossplay should arrive in full once Season 15 kicks off in August. We’ll have more news for you on crossplay as it comes.