How to reset Valor rank

Destiny 2: How to reset Valor rank

A lot of players — even those who enjoy Crucible quite regularly — still don’t know how to reset Valor rank in Destiny 2. Here’s your guide.
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Not everything in Destiny 2 is easy to understand. For that reason, a lot of players — even those who enjoy Crucible quite regularly — still don’t know how to reset Valor rank. It doesn’t help that Bungie changed the process around in recent seasons, but still; these players are missing out on a whole lot of loot because they aren’t doing the reset.

If you’re one of these players, don’t worry: we’ve got a brief explainer lined up and ready to go.

Here’s how to reset Valor rank

Do you see a message that says your Valor is overflowing? If so, that means you’ve reached the top of the Crucible mountain, so to speak. You can’t earn more points in the mode until you perform a reset.

In order to do this, you’ll need to visit Lord Shaxx in the Tower. On the screen that contains all of his Bounties and items, you should see a section labeled “Reputation Rewards.” If you haven’t taken these rewards yet — do that! It’s free loot, and some of it is very precious (Upgrade Modules and Enhancement Prisms, for example).

To reset your Valor, you’ll need to hover over the golden icon in the very last slot of Reputation Rewards. As you move your cursor over it, you’ll see it indeed says, “Reset Reputation.” Hold down the button shown on the prompt, and after a few seconds, you’ll receive even more loot, and the Reputation Rewards section will refresh.

At this point, you have successfully reset your Valor rank. There’s nothing left to do but go back into the Crucible and start ranking up all over again.

Oh! And don’t forget to pick up some of the “Additional Bounties” from Shaxx, as well. Those are a great source of Bright Dust, which you can spend on emotes, ships, armor ornaments, and more in the Eververse store.