Destiny 2 roadmap

Destiny 2 roadmap: The most current content plan

Chart your course for the newest Destiny 2 content.

Prior to every new Season or Expansion, the developers at Bungie typically release a Destiny 2 roadmap. This content calendar lays out most of the activities and events players can look forward to and when they’ll happen. If you’re wondering what’s going on right now in the world of Destiny 2 and where the game is going in the next few weeks or months, the roadmap is a helpful tool for figuring that out. Below, we’ll fill you in on where things stand at the moment and what’s in the pipeline.

Right now, Destiny is in Season of the Lost

Season of the Lost is a rather unusual Season for Destiny 2. Most Seasons last about three months. This one has been going since the end of August, and will continue on into February. By the time it reaches its end point, six months will have passed. So yes, a lengthy Season by past standards.

On the date this article is being published, most of the content on the Destiny 2 roadmap for Season of the Lost has been released. We’re deep into the Season. Festival of the Lost came and went. The Bungie 30th Anniversary Event content was released. The Dawning is happening right this very moment (so get in there and bake some cookies).

Why is Season of the Lost so long?

The answer to this one is pretty simple: Destiny 2’s next Expansion, The Witch Queen, was delayed. It was originally going to drop in Fall 2021. Bungie pushed it back and extended Season of the Lost to fill in the gap.

The Witch Queen won’t arrive now until Feb. 22, 2022. The good news is, the delay gives you plenty of time to catch up with this current Season, which you might want to do. Season of the Lost’s story seems like it will play right into the narrative of The Witch Queen. You’d be doing yourself a great service by knowing what that story is prior to the Expansion’s release.

We’ll be updating this Destiny 2 roadmap page as new content is released

Be sure to check back here at the beginning of new Seasons or when new Expansions launch. We’ll be keeping the page up to date with the latest Destiny 2 roadmap.

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