How crazy Starbucks orders on Twitter spawned a meme

If you’re wondering why there are Starbucks order memes all over Twitter, here’s a bit of backstory so you can better understand it.
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When Twitter user @ProjectJosiee posted an image of a rather lengthy Starbucks order from a customer, he probably didn’t expect it to blow up quite the way it did. According to People, his Tweet (which has since been deleted) received “over 52,000 retweets and 336,000 likes.” His words — “On today’s episode of why I wanna quit my job” — were instantly relatable to his fellow Starbucks baristas.

They, too, shared photos of the crazy orders they’d received from customers, and recounted some horror stories, to boot.

Of course, once a story like this takes off, it’s bound to reach the velocity required to exit the “normal Twitter tale” atmosphere and reach “meme space.” It gets there a heck of a lot faster if there is text people can change for the purpose of making a joke. Signs? Meme-able. Starbucks order slips? Also very meme-able.

A nod to Divorce-Gates.

That is a Jersey Shore reference.

My personal favorite — a use of a popular Destiny 2 copypasta that even Lance Reddick (the voice of Commander Zavala in the game) appreciates.

If you’re wondering where this Starbucks order meme came from, now you know. A disgruntled Starbucks employee made a tweet; it caught fire; it inspired other Starbucks employees to venti a little, as well (fine, you can punch me); and then the memesters of Twitter took hold and … here we are.