How many subs does Pokimane have

How many subs does Pokimane have?

Let’s research some digits.

We’ve covered a little about Pokimane in the past — namely how tall she is — but we’ve not yet ventured into the world of business. How’s her empire holding up? Is she still bringing in viewers by the thousands? And how many subs does Pokimane have on Twitch?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, today we go there. Today we look at those streaming numbers to determine how successful Pokimane is. I’ll give you a spoiler right off the bat: she’s doing pretty good.

Pokimane’s Twitch subscriber count

how many subs does Pokimane have on Twitch? As the fine folks at TwitchTracker report, Pokimane currently has around 7,384 Twitch subscribers. Even if she only made a buck off of each, that’s a good month. Most reports put the split for subscribers at 50-50, so Pokimane is at least making $2.50 on each sub. But you have to keep in mind that Twitch introduced several tiers of subs about a year or two back, so it’s entirely possible some are paying more than the standard $4.99.

What does all that mean? At the bare minimum, Pokimane could rock as a full-time Twitch streamer without needing any other form of income. Of course, she doesn’t — it would be silly of her to ignore all her other potential revenue generating opportunities. So she has sponsorships and a pretty darn successful YouTube channel, too. All in all, Poki is in a great spot.

Pokimane’s total Twitch audience

That same TwitchTracker page states that Pokimane is sitting at around 8.4 million followers on Twitch. That is a highly impressive figure when you think about it. Can you imagine having 8.4 million people getting alerts every time you started a broadcast? That’s one heck of a platform to use. Hopefully you’d use it for good. Pokimane seems to do so. She’s fairly tame compared to much of what you can find on Twitch and other streaming platforms.

Her subscriber to follower ratio, though? I’m actually surprised at how low it is. Subscribers make up such a small portion of Pokimane’s total audience that they barely register a blip. Even rounding up generously puts her sub percentage at 0.1%. Just imagine if she could get that number up to even 0.5%. That would be a lot of extra money.

How many subs does Pokimane have? Now you know.

With that, we’ve come to the end of our little explorative journey. You’ve learned how many Twitch subs Pokimane has (as of December 2021, anyway). And you now have a good sense of how those subs are impacting her income.

Tune in sometime much later for the next Pokimane article, when we’ll dive deep into some other obscure fact like, what kind of car does Pokimane drive? Until next time: take care.

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