How many subs does Valkyrae have

How many subs does Valkyrae have?

Valkyrae’s YouTube audience is nothing to sneeze at.

Valkyrae is a popular streamer who, for the past few years, has been under contract to broadcast only on YouTube. As such, that makes her situation a little bit different than the ones we’ve covered for other streamers in the past (such as Ninja and Pokimane). The question, “How many subs does Valkyrae have?” takes on a slightly different meaning in YouTube land versus Twitch country. We’ll cover those intricacies below while attempting to answer said question in the most accurate way possible.

Valkyrae has a sizable YouTube audience

How many subs does Valkyrae have

On YouTube, a “subscriber” is someone who signs up to follow your channel — sort of like you might follow someone on Twitter. No money changes hands on a YouTube subscription, and as such, YouTube makes subscriber statistics readily available on a YouTube creator’s profile page.

Right now, Valkyrae has approximately 3.6 million YouTube subscribers. You can verify that number yourself by visiting her channel page on the platform. If you want the equivalent of a Twitch subscriber in the YouTube system, however — well, digging up that information is a bit more complicated.

Simply put: We don’t really have a TwitchTracker for YouTube

There’s a website called TwitchTracker that, for better or worse, attempts to estimate how many paying subscribers a Twitch streamer might have. Were you to take the question, “How many subs does Valkyrae have?” over there — and if she were on Twitch — you could probably get to a reasonable-sounding number.

Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t really have a comparable service. Things are a bit more opaque over on Google’s video platform. So what we have to go off of right now are just subscribers in YouTube parlance. Followers. Though we do have a bit of insight into what Valkyrae makes on YouTube.

During a stream about one year ago, Valkyrae accidentally displayed her YouTube dashboard during a stream. As you can see, she had about 2.6 million subs at the time. Her revenue for the previous 28 days was an astounding $172,908.21. That is a pretty unbelievable chunk of change for a month of work.

But Valkyrae may not be on YouTube for much longer

At the beginning of December 2021, Valkyrae made a pretty candid admission to her fans. She dropped the following tweet letting them know exactly how much time she has left on her YouTube contract and how much more time she’s obligated to stream.

Tweeting something like this doesn’t seem like a thing you’d do if you planned to stick around. It gives me the sense that Valkyrae is not long for the YouTube streaming world and that she’ll probably dip out once her contract expires.

There’s some good news and bad news to be drawn from this. If Valkyrae decides to stream on Twitch, we could get a more accurate sense of how many subscribers — paying customers — she has on that platform. That’s something we’re lacking on the YouTube side. That’s the good news.

The bad news is, Valkyrae could decide to stop streaming altogether. Judging by her YouTube earnings — plus revenue she’s likely bringing in through other channels — nothing’s really stopping her.

So how many subs does Valkyrae have? There’s your answer-non-answer for now

It’s tough to nail down how many subs Valkarae has on YouTube. For subscribers in the YouTube “follower” sense, Valkyrae is at 3.6 million. Where paying subscribers are concerned, we just don’t have the numbers. Add the fact that YouTube’s whole system is a tad bit clunkier than Twitch’s with regard to buying a membership, and you can reasonably assume that number is probably a lot lower than it would be on Twitch.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Jan. 15, 2022, as that — according to Valkyrae — is the date her YouTube streaming contract ends. Will she jump ship to Twitch? Will she retire from streaming entirely? We’ll have to wait until then to find out.

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