How tall is Ninja

How tall is Ninja?

He may look shorter sitting behind a desk, but…
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Every once in a while, it’s fun to learn a fact that’s a lot less serious and a lot more quirky. You can get mixed up in all the dramatic events of the streaming/YouTube/TikTok world, sure — but what if you learned something instead that made you go, “Oh, interesting!” and didn’t leave you feeling gross afterward? Those are the kinds of things we mostly try to focus on here at Gizjo. So with that in mind, today we’re answering the question: how tall is Ninja?

The answer: Perhaps taller than you realize.

Ninja is reportedly 6-foot-1

Here’s where we get into a bit of contentious territory. There are some news outlets who claim Ninja is 6-foot-1, such as Sportskeeda. Many other websites also seem to agree on that number. Ninja himself, however, has apparently said in the past he is 6-foot-2 and a half. So is that the right height? Or is Ninja trying to pump himself up a little bit here? It remains a very open question.

The only way we’d know for sure is to have a professional come in and measure Ninja themselves. So let this piece serve as a goofy challenge to Ninja: prove to the world that you are indeed 6-foot-2 and a half. Measure yourself and provide photographic evidence. Answer “How tall is Ninja?” for the people. Until you do, we are going to follow the line everyone else has taken and say that you are 6-foot-1.

Why Ninja may be taller than you realized

The very reason someone might ask, “How tall is Ninja?” is likely due to the fact that you don’t really see him standing all that often. His job requires him to play games, and he does so sitting behind a desk. You’d likely run into the same thing with other streamers, simply because they’re sitting a lot and it’s tough to get a sense of their height from their surroundings. That’s why we also answered the question of, “How tall is Pokimane?” People were having a hard time figuring it out.

In any event, now you know that Ninja actually has a good bit of height to him, even if it’s not apparent all that often. If there’s some other data point about a streamer or another video game related person you’d like figured out, be sure to drop a comment.