How tall is Tyler1

How tall is Tyler1?

Tyler1 — also known as Tyler Steinkamp — can have a bit of a temper at times. As a result, people are always looking for ways to get under his skin. This is probably why some want to know “How tall is Tyler1?” Maybe they’ve heard people giving Tyler grief about his height and they want to know what it is to better understand.

While we do not endorse using this information for evil, the question is still an interesting one to tackle. So lets get it answered right here and right now. Let’s talk about how tall Tyler1 actually is.

Here’s the scoop on Tyler1’s height

According to most sources (and his own fans, who are probably reading those same sources), Tyler1 is approximately 5-foot-6. Statistics peg the height of the average U.S. male at 5-foot-9, so yes — Tyler1 is a bit below average where that is concerned.

Is that weird by any means? Not really. It’s not out of the ordinary to encounter men who are roughly about the same height as this fan-favorite (though hot-headed) streamer. And it’s probably something you don’t even think about for women. Their average height is 5-foot-4. Odds are, you likely know one who is 5-foot-2 or even shorter than that.

You asked how taller Tyler1 is. Now you know. And you got a bit of extra knowledge thrown in to make you realize that all the barbs sent his way don’t make much sense.

In the past, we’ve covered the heights of some other well-known streamers and video game figures, including Pokimane, Ninja, Dr Disrespect, Amouranth and Valkyrae. Now that we’ve answered the question “How tall is Tyler1,” we’re ready to begin queuing up another one of these ridiculous posts.

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