How to get Bad Juju in Destiny 2

How to get Bad Juju in Destiny 2

Bad Juju isn’t bad at all.
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Bad Juju is an Exotic Pulse Rifle found in Destiny 2, and to me, it is perhaps one of the more underrated Pulse Rifles in the game. To start, it fires full-auto — you have to love that. And if you’re using it for add clearing, where it excels, the String of Curses perk allows kills to refill the mag, increase damage for a bit, and give you Super energy. At this point, you’re undoubtedly sold and you’re wondering how to get Bad Juju in Destiny 2. Below, we’re going to fill you in on all the important details.

Bad Juju was once the reward from a really cool secret mission

You can’t see it now because the Destiny Content Vault has wiped it out, but once upon a time, there was a whole destination in the game called the Leviathan. The Leviathan played host to one full Raid and three smaller Raid Lairs. It was also the home of a highly entertaining activity called The Menagerie, and included a special room for Guardians to collect trophies in called the Tribute Hall.

Bad Juju came courtesy of a mission called “The Other Side,” which took place in a sort of Taken Ascendant Realm version of the ship, and was accessed via a portal in the Tribute Hall. Alas, because the Leviathan is now in storage, so too is this mission and the original Quest for Bad Juju. Fortunately, there is still another way for you to get it.

Bad Juju can be bought at the Monument to Lost Lights

Monument to Lost Lights

If you want to know how to get Bad Juju in Destiny 2 these days, it’ll require something called the Monument to Lost Lights, which is a kiosk located in the Tower. You’ll need to visit that, ensuring you have the proper materials on hand before you are able to purchase the gun. Here’s what is required:

Once you have all that, jump into the Monument to Lost Lights and head for the sectioned called “Forsaken Exotics.” When you’re in there, count nine spots over from the left and you’ll land on Bad Juju. If you have the materials listed above, you should be able to buy it.

And that’s how to get Bad Juju in Destiny 2

As mentioned above, I think this gun really performs well in add clearing scenarios, where you can take down a lot of enemies in a short amount of time to get those perks on Bad Juju rocking — especially the increase in Super energy. It’s a shame you can’t play “The Other Side” now to see what that was like, but at the very least, you can get your hands on the reward that came from it.