How to get Baryon Bough in Destiny 2

How to get Baryon Bough in Destiny 2

Nab yourself some of this Dreaming City material.
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Destiny 2‘s Planetary Materials play a very important but sometimes overlooked role in the game. These mats are used for weapon and armor upgrades, for purchasing items from Vendors, and more. It’s quite the pain to be out of the particular Planetary Material you need. It’s even worse when you don’t know how to find it in the first place. With that, here’s how to get Baryon Bough in Destiny 2, so you always have some of this Dreaming City Planetary Material on deck.

First option: Visit the Spider

As the Don of the Tangled Shore, the Spider has connections. He can get those hard-to-find items, including Planetary Materials from all over the system. Depending on the day, he may have some Baryon Bough he’s willing to part with for the right price. What he’ll want in exchange, however, is random. Sometimes he’ll ask for Legendary Shards, while others will see him willing to make a trade if you’re paying Glimmer.

Second option: Wait for Destination Resource Bundles

The Destiny 2 Season Pass has what are called Destination Resource Bundles at certain tiers. These Bundles will drop you 50 of each Planetary Material and help you stock back up. If you look at your Season Pass and you’re pretty close to one of these, you can simply grind out some XP and hit that to replenish your pile of Baryon Bough. If you’re not close, however, there is one other avenue for you to go down.

Third option: Farm yourself silly

How to get Baryon Bough in Destiny 2 dreaming city

Actual Baryon Bough can be found out in the wild when you visit the Dreaming City. Just look for a purple holographic plant like the one above. When you get close enough, you should get the option to collect it. Warning: you don’t get very much Baryon Bough for doing it this way.

Chests in the Dreaming City will also contain very small amounts of Baryon Bough, so you can farm some that way while you’re searching for the Material itself on the ground. If you equip the appropriate Resource Detector on your Ghost, that should help you track both the material and the chests containing them.

That’s how to get Baryon Bough in Destiny 2

As you can see, there’s definitely one path for how to get Baryon Bough in Destiny 2, and two other options that aren’t so great. Hopefully you have the currency the Spider wants and can simply buy it. If not, you’re either going to have to level up that Season Pass, or else start hoofing it around the Dreaming City to find all the materials you need.

Good luck!