How to get Etheric Spiral in Destiny 2

How to get Etheric Spiral in Destiny 2

This Tangled Shore material is quite important.
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Planetary Materials play a surprisingly large role in Destiny 2. You need them to do all sorts of things, whether you’re purchasing something from a Vendor, or upgrading weapons and armor. There’s one from the Tangled Shore you’ll need specifically at times called Etheric Spiral. But where is it found? Here’s how to get Etheric Spiral in Destiny 2.

The easy way: The Spider

The Spider is a Vendor found on the Tangled Shore, and he’s essentially Destiny 2‘s version of a mob boss. He’s involved in the “shipping” business. He has ways of getting certain items. Fortunately, that makes him incredibly useful if you happen to need some Etheric Spiral.

You can buy Planetary Materials like Etheric Spiral from the Spider, though what he’ll want in return can differ depending on the day. At times, he’ll be happy to trade you some Etheric Spiral for Legendary Shards. At other times, he’ll want Glimmer. If you play Destiny 2 a good bit, you’ll likely have plenty of those currencies on hand. So visiting Spider and purchasing Etheric Spiral there is probably the fastest way to get the amount you need.

Option B: Get Planetary Material drops from the Season Pass

At certain tiers of the Destiny 2 Season Pass, you’ll get what’s called a Destination Resource Bundle. This drops you 50 each of the Planetary Materials in the game, and offers a quick (and free) way to add to your stockpile of those. The problem, of course, is that you only get it at those certain tiers, and you’re left without if you’ve already exhausted them or have a while before you hit another bundle.

The toughest and most boring way: Farm them on the Destination

Etheric Spiral on the Tangled Shore

If luck hasn’t been on your side, you’re fresh out of Glimmer and Legendary Shards, and you’re nowhere near a Destination Resource Bundle on the Season Pass, you can always farm. Etheric Spiral can be found on the Tangled Shore in a physical form, though you might have to do a good bit of searching to find it at times.

You can also hit chests up as you find them on the Tangled Shore, and those will reward you with Etheric Spiral, too. Farming is by far the slowest way to accumulate the Etheric Spiral you need, though, so be warned.

Now you know how to get Etheric Spiral in Destiny 2

And there you have it! You now have all the info you need to start building up your cache of Etheric Spiral. There’s an easy way, a not so easy way, and a pretty tough monotonous way. Hopefully you have the currency necessary to just buy Etheric Spiral. If not, you at least know where else you can get it.