How to get Helium Filaments in Destiny 2

How to get Helium Filaments in Destiny 2

Those Helium Filaments came from the Moon.

Whether you’re upgrading weapons or armor in Destiny 2, or purchasing a past Exotic from the Monument to Lost Lights, you’re undoubtedly going to need some Planetary Materials at one point. One of those may be Helium Filaments, which are a material found on the Moon. Today we’re going to tell you how to get Helium Filaments in Destiny 2, so you can use those resources as necessary. There’s a very easy way, and two methods you should avoid if you can (but may be necessary in some cases).

Visit your friendly neighborhood Spider

The Spider on the Tangled Shore is a creature of trade. He knows how to get things, and he may have what you need if you’re lucky. Visit the Spider to see if he has any Helium Filaments for sale. Depending on the day, he may require you to pay in Glimmer, or he may ask you to fork over some Legendary Shards instead. This option is by far the easiest route toward securing Helium Filaments.

Wait for a Destination Resource Bundle drop from your Season Pass

The Destiny 2 Season Pass will occasionally reward you with something called a Destination Resource Bundle. This gives you 50 of each Planetary Material in the game, which could be all you need in Helium Filaments for that upgrade you’re trying to get, or for that weapon you want to buy. The problem with this method is that a bundle drop may not line up with the time you’re looking to get those Helium Filaments. If you have a while to go on the Season Pass before you hit a tier with a Destination Resource Bundle, your time may be better spent elsewhere.

Farm the old-fashioned way

If you’re Glimmer and Legendary Shard-poor, and you don’t have a Destination Resource Bundle coming up, the last method for how to get Helium Filaments in Destiny 2 is simple: farm. Head to the Moon, hop on your Sparrow, and start searching for the items you see above, which are called Helium Coils. When you come upon a pile of them, interact with them to open them. That’ll net you some Helium Filaments.

You can also open chests on the Moon to gain Helium Filaments, too. Bear in mind, though, that farming on foot and opening chests is terribly inefficient, as you don’t get very many Helium Filaments for the time you spend trying to find them. You may be better off trying to do activities that award you Glimmer or Legendary Shards so you can just buy the materials from Spider.

And that’s how to get Helium Filaments in Destiny 2

If you play this game a decent amount, you shouldn’t have any trouble coming up with the required materials for most things. In that, they’re just one more currency you have to keep track of. If you do find yourself low, however, hopefully this guide helps you out. Good luck!

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