How to get Igneous Hammer in Destiny 2

How to get Igneous Hammer in Destiny 2

Play sweaty games. Win sweaty prizes.

One might say that Destiny 2 is full of top-notch Hand Cannons. In that regard, Igneous Hammer is no exception. It’s an Aggressive Frame gun packing a Solar element and chance at several dazzling PvE and PvP perks. Chances are, though, you’ll want to know how to get Igneous Hammer in Destiny 2 for its PvP capabilities. It’s a very nice gun for a one-on-one, Guardian vs. Guardian battle.

You must be warned at the onset: in order to get your very own Igneous, you’ll need to step into one of Destiny 2’s sweatiest activities. Depending on how good you are at Crucible, this could either be a fun or heartbreaking time for you. But it’ll be well worth it either way.

Igneous Hammer is earned by playing Trials of Osiris

How to get Igneous Hammer in Destiny 2

If you swore you’d never set food inside Trials of Osiris, I have some bad news for you. That’s the only place you’re going to get Igneous Hammer at the moment. But there is good news. You don’t have to be particularly successful inside Trials to get it.

To start, head to the Tower and make your way down to Saint-14 in the Hangar. Open up his vendor screen and purchase yourself a Trials Passage. This will cost you anywhere between 10,000 and 20,000 Glimmer.

If you legitimately want to try for a Flawless Trials run, buy yourself the Passage of Mercy. This forgives one loss on your card. If you just want to fill a card with 7 wins and expect some losses in there, get the Passage of Ferocity. This adds a bonus win to your card after your third match victory.

Next up, move to the second page on Saint-14’s vendor screen and buy some Bounties. These aren’t really going to help you for Trials, but since you’ll already be playing, might as well get some XP, right?

Finally, take note of the Reputation Progress bar on top of the vendor screen. This is the thing we’re trying to fill up so that you can reach the reward at the end: a Trials Engram.

At this point, it’s time for you to go play Trials of Osiris. By winning rounds and/or matches, you’ll make that Reputation Progress bar move. Once you hit the end of a particular rank, you’ll be able to come back here and grab that Engram.

Earn a Trials Engram, then take it to the Cryptarch

Once you have yourself a Trials Engram, you’ll need to make a trip to the Cryptarch so he can decrypt it into a Trials item. This can be a weapon or a piece of armor. So yes, the process for how to get Igneous Hammer in Destiny 2 involves some RNG. Don’t you just love RNG?

Fortunately, once you have an Igneous Hammer drop from the Cryptarch, you no longer have to keep taking Engrams back to him just to see if you can get lucky again. On Saint-14’s second vendor screen page, you can use a Trials Engram to purchase an all-new roll of a weapon you’ve already earned in Trials.

Now, there’s a reason I recommended you take the Passage of Ferocity if you’re not a Flawless seeker, and it’s this: if you can get up to a 7-win card — regardless of losses — continuing to play on that card can potentially get you additional Trials Engrams after each win. Such a drop happens independent of the Reputation Progress bar.

There’s an Igneous Hammer (Adept), too, if you are a sweat lord

And yes — if you happen to be one of the few who can go Flawless in Trials of Osiris, there’s an Adept version of Igneous Hammer you can earn. This bumps up the Masterwork traits of the original Igneous Hammer while also enabling you to equip Adept Mods.

You’ll need to earn this particular variant of the gun by getting it from the Lighthouse chest. That is no small feat. But with the right Fireteam and the right rewards week, it is possible.

And that’s how to get Igneous Hammer in Destiny 2

There’s a reason so many are clamoring to get their hands on this weapon: it’s quite good. With a nice roll, it is a formidable PvP gun for Quickplay, Competitive or Trials of Osiris.

It takes a bit of luck to get the first one, but after that, all you have to do is keep earning Trials Engrams to try your luck at better rolls. And as for the Adept version, if you’re able to secure one of those, hats off to you. You’re really going to love it.

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