How to get The Fourth Horseman in Destiny 2

How to get The Fourth Horseman in Destiny 2

Some of the best guns in Destiny 2 are actually from the original Destiny. They’re reprisals — pieces of content brought forward into the latest title in order to gin up some nostalgia (and let the devs add something new without doing a lot of additional work). One such gun is The Fourth Horseman, an Exotic Shotgun that fires quickly; kind of like The Last Word in Shotgun form. If you’re wondering how to get The Fourth Horseman in Destiny 2, you’ve come to the right place. The guide is below.

The Fourth Horseman is a legit beast

Imagine a four-round Shotgun that fires at 360 rounds per minute, which is six rounds per second. You’d blow through every shot before one second is up. That is the Fourth Horseman. Even better, this shorty’s Exotic Catalyst can bump capacity up to five rounds. Five shotgun rounds before you can count to one. Deadly.

The Fourth Horseman used to be a real beast in any Destiny activity that had both special weapon buffs and Arc buffs active. The Fourth Horseman could finish off a boss by itself. Now, of course, we don’t have those same buffs available in Destiny 2. But you’ll still find The Fourth Horseman useful if there is Arc singe active, and you can get close enough to a boss to use it without getting stomped.

As for how you get the gun now, well…

You can buy The Fourth Horseman at the Monument to Lost Lights

Monument to Lost Lights

The Monument to Lost Lights is where all guns that were once part of older Quests or Missions are now found. The Fourth Horseman was once attained via a Quest. That Quest has been phased out of the game, but you can still get the gun at the Monument, provided you have the right currencies and materials.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Once you have all that prepped, open the Monument, navigate to the section titled, “Shadowkeep Exotics,” and then look seven slots over from the left. There is The Fourth Horseman. Press the required button to make your purchase, and it is yours.

That’s how to get The Fourth Horseman in Destiny 2

If you happen upon a Strike week with Arc singe, or a boss who will stay still long enough for you to fill them with Shotgun shells, try this baby out. It can wreck house in the right circumstances. Where I would not recommend it is in the Crucible. You can typically kill a Guardian in one Shotgun shot, and given the fast firing nature of this weapon, you may accidentally shoot off all the rounds you have unnecessarily.

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