How to take a screenshot on iPad

How to take a screenshot on iPad

Sometimes you really have to share what’s on your iPad’s screen with the rest of the world. Here’s how to take a screenshot on iPad.
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Sometimes there’s something on your screen that you just have to show other people. On Windows, that’s where good ole’ Print Screen comes to the rescue. But what about on iPad? How do you take a screen capture to show your friends what you’re looking at? Today, we’re going to teach you how to take a screenshot on iPad.

Depending on which iPad model you have, the process will differ a little bit.

On the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models (the ones without Home buttons)

Dropping the Home button on newer iPads meant people had to learn a bunch of actions all over again (thanks Apple). One of those was taking screenshots. There is still a two-button shortcut you can use to accomplish this task. On the iPad Pro and more recent iPad Air models, however, it’s slightly different than it used to be.

This time around, you’ll be pressing the top power button and the volume up button simultaneously. Press them both in at the same time, release, and you should hear that familiar sound of a photo being taken. From there, you can tap on the thumbnail that shows up in the bottom-left corner of the display to make any edits to your screenshot.

On the old-school iPads that have Home buttons

If you have one of these iPads, you’re probably trying to figure out how to take a screenshot on iPad because you’ve never done it before. No worries! I personally think it’s a lot easier to take a screenshot on this type of iPad than the newer ones. It’s certainly been a lot more consistent for me, anyway.

On your Home button-having iPad, you’ll press the Home button and the top power button at the same time to take a screenshot. Just like above with the other iPads, you’ll press them both in at the same time and let them go. A small image of the screen grab will show up in the bottom-left area of your iPad. If you tap on it, you’ll be able to make some edits to it.

And that’s that! You should have everything you need here to take an iPad screenshot. Go forth, capture many screens, and share them with all you encounter (or just some pals).