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How to use WhatsApp on iPad

It’s not great, but it works.

If you’re an iPad owner and a heavy WhatsApp user (a description that fits me exactly), you may me wondering how to use WhatsApp on iPad. Surely an official app exists, right? Surely there’s a way for you to carry all of your conversations over from your phone to your tablet and vice versa.

Well, no. There isn’t an official app for iPad right now. What there is, however, is WhatsApp Web, which you can use on your iPad to access all of your chats so long as your phone is online and is able to make the connection to the web version of the service.

It’s not the best way to use this chat platform by any stretch. But it’ll have to do until there’s official iPad support at some point in the future. For now, here’s what you can do to get WhatsApp on iPad.

You’ll have to do with a web app for now

Sadly, WhatsApp doesn’t have a native iPad client. This is because, at the moment, the service ties your account to a single phone number on a single phone. You can, however, use your iPad to access WhatsApp via the web.

To start, you’ll need to visit the WhatsApp Web version in Safari on your iPad. This is located at web.whatsapp.com. You may need to instruct Safari to open the desktop version of the website by taping the two small A’s next to the URL bar, then selecting, “Request Desktop Website.”

You may need to refresh WhatsApp Web in order to get the desktop version showing on your tablet. If you’ve done it correctly, you should now see a screen with a QR code on it.

From there, WhatsApp Web will instruct you to open WhatsApp on your phone and scan the QR code the website is showing you on your iPad. To connect the phone version of WhatsApp to the web version, you need to open WhatsApp on your phone, go to the Settings screen, and then tap “WhatsApp Web/Desktop.”

Then, on the next screen, tap “Link a Device.”

This will open your camera, which you can then use to scan that QR code.

And there you go! WhatsApp should appear on your tablet screen. Fair warning: unless you have the whole Magic Keyboard/Trackpad combo working, this experience is going to be pretty janky for you. This is not the way WhatsApp wants you to use its platform right now.

Fortunately, there’s some good news on this front, at least. WhatsApp is actively working on implementing multi-device support, which means you could use the official app on your iPad in the not-too-distant future. For now, though, if you want to use WhatsApp on iPad, this is the path you have to take.

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