xbox one x downgraded on series x

Insiders: Xbox Series X may be accidentally downgrading some Xbox One X games

If you’re a part of the Xbox Insiders program, you might want to take note of this particular issue: especially if you own an Xbox Series X. There’s a thread making the rounds on the Insiders subreddit that points out a pretty serious issue with the Xbox Series X right now: it may be treating some Xbox One X Enhanced games like regular old Xbox One games. That means no 4K, no high framerate modes, and so forth.

User mezz0x first brought this issue to the attention of the subreddit, pointing out that Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 weren’t using their Xbox One X Enhanced versions on the Xbox Series X.

The Series X is supposed to run the One X versions of games, and should categorize them as such. If that isn’t happening, that is very obviously not a good thing.

Others on the subreddit chimed in to note that they, too, were experiencing this issue with some Resident Evil titles. One even mentioned that Diablo 3 is having a similar problem. If you also encounter this bug while you’re using your Series X, be sure to report it on your console so Microsoft gets the word. You can do so through the Xbox Insider Hub app.

Hilariously, there’s also a “Report a problem” app that gives you the ability to report problems anywhere on your Xbox. You have to install it separately, though.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this to see what comes of it.

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