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Internet Explorer finally meets its end in Windows 11

The new operating system won’t have Internet Explorer installed.

If you’re like me and you got started on the internet in the late ’90s, you undoubtedly have memories of Internet Explorer. The types of memories will depend on if and how much you hated it. Perhaps you were fine with Microsoft’s browser, and ran a beastly enough machine that IE couldn’t slow it down. Or perhaps you hated it with a fiery passion for years and years until finally, rescue came in the form of Chrome, and you ran into its waiting arms in slow motion like a scene from a Hallmark Christmas movie about finding love.

Internet Explorer is basically dead, we learned today via The Verge. It will not be a part of Windows 11, and thus, upgrading your current version of Windows to the newer one will make IE go poof. You won’t see it in your Start Menu. If you search for it, you won’t find it. It’ll be gone, gone, gone.

And yet, on this occasion where I thought I’d feel joy, I can’t help but feel mixed emotions instead. Internet Explorer was, after all, how I got my start playing Yahoo! Fantasy Football some twenty-odd years ago. As I learned HTML for the first time, the browser making that code come to life was, indeed, Internet Explorer.

So maybe we go ahead and pour one out for Internet Explorer anyway, despite how we felt about it once upon a time (and may still feel about it). It wasn’t the best at what it did in the long run. It deserved every bit of criticism it got. But way back, it was the doorway for many into this whole new world that we now take for granted.

Microsoft seems to have learned its lesson with Edge, and is doing what it can to keep that browser on the bleeding… err… edge. But it had to learn somewhere. Mistakes had to be made. We have IE to thank for that, at least.

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