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iPadOS 15 finally makes your iPhone apps usable in landscape

It only took a decade.

For a long time, using iPhone apps on iPad has sucked. Especially if you’re someone who uses your iPad in landscape mode an awful lot. Do you have your iPad docked to a Magic Keyboard, but have a hankering to open Instagram? Get ready to detach that sucker and physically rotate it into portrait. It seems like only yesterday I was complaining about this very thing, because it was. Apple ran through all of the major features of iPadOS 15, and did not mention fixing this very obvious issue.

Fortunately, it appears it actually did. Over ten years later, as Redditor fjordstrom so aptly put it, “iPhone apps FINALLY rotate” on iPad.

It seems like such a silly thing to keep hammering on, but trust me: Apple’s non-support for this over the years really made working on an iPad a huge pain. It’s pretty ridiculous it took so long for the company to finally say, “Hey, maybe we should just turn the iPhone apps sideways.” But I’m glad it’s finally happening nevertheless.

Because this is a feature of iPadOS 15, you’ll have to wait to experience this glory. Apple typically launches its new mobile OS in the Fall, so you could be suffering all the way through to September or October. On the plus side, Apple typically does a public beta, so you could sign up for that in the coming weeks and get early access. The beta is open to developers right now.

I suspect there’ll be other iPadOS 15 features that get uncovered over the next few days as devs play with the newly updated operating system. When those come to light, we’ll get them in front of you.

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