PlayStation Plus Star Wars Squadrons

PlayStation Plus for June 2021: Pretty snazzy

Sony is really bringing it in June.
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Sony has announced the PlayStation Plus games that’ll be made available on June 1, 2021. Just as pretty much every month before, the company’s multiplayer subscription offering has taken a cleaver to Xbox Live Games with Gold.

To start, gamers will be treated to Star Wars: Squadrons, a new Star Wars title that just released back in October 2020. This is primarily a flight game — don’t go thinking you’re getting something akin to Jedi: Fallen Order here. Still, if you’re a fan of that universe and didn’t get a chance to check this one out, now you won’t have to pay anything extra. You’ll get it free via PlayStation Plus.

Operation: Tango is also coming to the service in June. As Sony puts it, the game is a “cooperative spy adventure” that asks players to team up and solve puzzles with voice chat being their only means to coordinate. This is the PlayStation 5 version of the game, which hits PlayStation Plus on its launch date.

Finally, Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown will be available as part of the June 2021 PlayStation Plus lineup. This is a new PlayStation-exclusive upgraded version of the arcade game that debuted back in 2006, and will allow “both VF veterans and newcomers to experience the intense martial arts combat, deep strategy, and intricately balanced gameplay of the groundbreaking 3D fighter in stunning HD.”

As you can see, Sony is really pulling out all the stops here with PlayStation Plus. Games with Gold, meanwhile — it just really seems like Microsoft is not trying with that anymore. It would rather have you sign up for Xbox Game Pass.

As mentioned, all three of these titles will drop on Tuesday, June 1, 2021. That’s just a few days way, so make sure your PS Plus subscription is good to go.