Sea of Solitude FPS Boost

Sea of Solitude FPS Boost is a thing, in case you missed it

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FPS Boost, one of Microsoft’s new technologies, allows the frame rates of some games to be increased without the original developer having to lift a single finger. A couple days back, the Xbox squad dropped a mega-list of EA titles that would suddenly see their frame rates doubled, and predictably, a lot of the larger games got most of the attention. The truth is, though, not many people out there have 120hz displays. Most won’t see the benefit of something like Titanfall 2 running at double its original 60 FPS. I’m here to tell you that you are sleeping on the real MVP in this list: the game that’ll matter to the most people. The Sea of Solitude FPS Boost is the one you should care about.

When Sea of Solitude originally dropped in the summer of 2019, it was sadly limited to an output of 30 frames-per-second. FPS Boost increases that to 60 FPS, and since 60hz displays are pretty common these days, that is a change you’ll actually be able to see while playing. Those extra frames every second make the world feel much more alive, and make the game feel more responsive. Toss in the speedy SSD of the Series X/S consoles, and the experience is totally different from the one gamers had with Sea of Solitude nearly two years ago.

The Sea of Solitude FPS Boost works on both the Xbox Series X and the Series S. If you launch the game on one of those consoles, the FPS Boost feature will be turned on by default — presumably because Microsoft got the feature to work without having to sacrifice graphical performance in any noticeable way. If you own Sea of Solitude, you should be able to launch it right now and see its higher frame rates in action. Those with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can download Sea of Solitude (which is part of EA Play) at no additional cost.