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The 2021 Apple TV 4K is a whopping $9 off

What a savings.
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How would you like to buy a grand-spanking new Apple TV 4K, but also keep $9 so you can spend that money on — I don’t know. Movies or candy bars or something. If that sounds like a deal to you, you’ll want to head on over to Amazon right now. It’s there you’ll find the device, which is usually $179, discounted all the way down to $169.98.

That is a savings of $9.02. You could get a month of Disney Plus with that cash, or a few movie rentals, at least.

This newer version of the Apple TV 4K just came out in April of this year, and boasts some capabilities your older model may not have. It supports both Dolby Vision and HDR, for example. It can also show a 4K HDR image at 60 FPS, which is something the previous Apple TVs surprisingly could not do.

But the biggest selling point of the 2021 Apple TV 4K may also be the most simple piece of it. Apple made the remote for this newer model (which you can also purchase separately if you so choose) 100 percent less terrible than the remote that came with past Apple TVs. It’s larger. It has more bulk to it. There’s a sort of d-pad-meets-trackpad on it that schools the previous remote by enabling you to select what you actually want to select.

There’s no telling how long this huge savings of $9 is going to stick around. So if you think you might be in the market for the latest Apple TV 4K, scoot yourself directly over to Amazon and get to clicking that “Add to Cart” button.