Lepow portable monitor

This Lepow portable monitor is tough to beat

It checks all the right boxes.

If you’re someone who works while traveling, you’re probably used to making sacrifices. For example, you don’t always get a big nice desk to work at with a comfortable, ergonomic chair and dual 27-inch monitors. Instead, you get things done where you can, and you do it on one screen. That is, unless you have this Lepow portable monitor.

Lepow is not a name you’ve likely heard of before. But darn it if this company doesn’t make the portable monitor that has it all. It’s thin. It supports all the right connections. The display is pretty good. It has built-in speakers. And it even comes with a cover that doubles as a folding stand.

If you’re in the market for an extra on-the-go screen, the Lepow portable monitor is almost certainly the one you should choose. I own one. Here’s why I’m such a fan.

It travels well

Lepow portable monitor

If you plan on taking a portable monitor with you, you really don’t want something that takes up a whole lot of room. You want that extra screen real estate for multitasking, sure. But you don’t want to be lugging around a large piece of tech while you travel. Instead, you want something that can fit right inside your laptop bag WITH your laptop.

The Lepow portable monitor can do it.

It rocks a 15.6-inch display with fairly small bezels, so the entire device consumes roughly the same surface area as most 15.6-inch laptops. But this monitor is much, much thinner than a whole notebook. I slip mine into a bag with my gaming laptop (which is a tiny bit smaller — a 14-inch Zephyrus G14) and it fits like a charm.

The Lepow portable monitor helps you stay efficient

Lepow portable monitor

I used to think traveling meant having to give up some of the niceties of a home office — the large one being a multi-monitor setup. With the Lepow portable monitor, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can stay on the move and have two screens for work. Thanks to this product, there’s at least one aspect of a full work setup you don’t have to sacrifice on.

What’s nice about this particular monitor is that it gives you a few different ways to power up. There’s a micro-USB slot you can plug into a free USB port or a wall adapter if you have one. Or you can use USB-C and use it for both power and your display signal.

It’s great for gaming

Lepow portable monitor

From 2019 to 2021, I was either traveling around in or — thanks to the pandemic — living in Mexico. And do you know what crazy thing I was doing, at least during the pre-COVID days? I was moving from place to place while transporting an Xbox One X with me. That, and the Lepow portable monitor, enabled me to keep playing Destiny 2 with my clan.

It worked like a charm.

In addition to the aforementioned USB-C port, the Lepow monitor also supports input via mini HDMI. So you can plug one end into the console of your choice and the other — the mini HDMI side — into this monitor. After that, you’re in business. You can game anywhere you have a power outlet. It is glorious.

Conclusion: The Lepow portable monitor is worth it

If you’re in the market for a monitor you can take with you, it’s tough to beat this one. It travels well. It enables you to multitask even if you’re traveling. And it’s great for gaming when you have some downtime.

Right now, the monitor is about $187 on Amazon. That’s a phenomenal price for a highly useful piece of tech like this. For remote workers, the Lepow portable monitor definitely something you should consider picking up.

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