Twitter verification

Twitter verification is getting turned off again

Twitter’s gonna need a minute.
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Back when we first wrote about Twitter verification making a comeback on May 20, we had no idea it would be so short lived. It was obvious Twitter was about to get slammed by people wanting their blue checkmarks. Apparently the company is having a bit of trouble keeping up with the rush.

Today, we got the word that Twitter verification is being shut down again for a brief period of time. In a tweet (h/t The Verge), Twitter explained why the process must once again go on hiatus.

It’s nice to see that Twitter is actually doing a thorough job vetting these, and that it doesn’t want to rush things. With that said, there was probably a more efficient way to go about this that wasn’t simply opening the floodgates.

I happen to think Twitter verification has sort of warped past its original intent myself. It’s more a status symbol now than some means of preventing people of stature of being impersonated. If you ask me, journalists should have it. People in positions of public trust should have it. Decision makers at publicly traded companies should have it. And those people could be easily identified by either having their organizations refer them, or by having those already verified refer them.

Get those people first, and then worry about verifying influencers and such afterward.

Twitter says the verification process will open again “soon.” We’ll update you once that happens.