Twitter will soon let you try for verification (again)

Twitter is opening verification back up to the masses, letting anyone take their shot at becoming the next Blue Checkmark.
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Have you long wanted to be a “Blue Checkmark” on Twitter? If so, Twitter is once again giving you the opportunity to make your case. After several years of being closed off, Twitter verification is opening back up to the public, letting you fill out a form to try and nab that highly coveted icon. There’s no guarantee you’ll get it, but a lot of people are certainly going to try.

According to Twitter, you must fall into one of a few categories to qualify:


Companies, brands and organizations

News organizations and journalists


Sports and gaming

Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals


Those are still pretty wide open, and a lot of people could feasibly fit into them. I imagine Twitter will still be doing a bit of curating, though. I run a very small tech news website, for example, and could push for inclusion based on that. I certainly wouldn’t expect to get approved, however.

If you do give it a shot and you get denied, you can retry again after 30 days. So maybe you’ll get lucky and find someone a bit more willing to give you the green light the second or third time around.

Twitter notes that the process of opening verification back up for everyone will take place “over the next few weeks.” The slow roll is apparently so the service can keep up with the influx of requests it’s about to receive.

In addition, the company mentions that it’ll be adding more categories for verification in the future, including “scientists, academics, and religious leaders.” There are some other profile-related features coming, as well, including memorialized accounts (for those who’ve passed on) and dedicated “About” pages.