Jack Dorsey

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey earned a baller $1.40 last year

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Let’s just state for the record that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, seen above auditioning for a Last Man on Earth reboot, is likely fine financially. He’s a co-founder of Twitter and the founder of Square. The odds are good that money stopped being an issue a long time ago. With that said, he’s apparently one of the lower paid CEOs of any public company at the moment. According to The Wall Street Journal, Twitter paid Dorsey a mere $1.40 last year.

Why so little? Well, it’s more about the message than anything else.

If you think of each penny of that $1.40 as a character in a Tweet, you’ll see what he’s going for. For a long time, Twitter capped Tweets at 140 characters, though that was doubled in 2017.

Jack Dorsey made the same $1.40 in 2019, and also brought that amount home in 2018. In a filing to the SEC last year (via Deadline), Twitter noted that Dorsey’s symbolic salary “is a testament to his commitment to and belief in Twitter’s long-term value creation potential.”

It’s apparently not that odd for big-time CEOs to accept nominal salaries. As Deadline noted, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg made just $1 in 2019. It really makes you wonder about the Bobby Koticks of the world, doesn’t it?

In any case, now you know why Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is making such a pittance. Let us all hope we’re in a position one day to accept a lowball salary made out of some meaningful number.