Will a Dream face reveal ever happen

Will a Dream face reveal ever happen?

Anonymity for several years and counting.

If you tuned into the Game Awards on Dec. 9, you may have noticed that one of the winners got off the hook. Many had to walk up on stage and give their acceptance speeches with the eyes of the gaming world on them. For the Content Creator of the Year category, however, the winner simply got a shoutout before the show moved on. Hilariously, that creator was Dream, who’s made his name off of being completely anonymous. The whole situation has me wondering, though: will a Dream face reveal ever happen? Can someone really get away this long without people figuring out who they are?

I mean, maybe?

dream face reveal

Very little is known about Dream right now. According to Wikipedia, he’s 22 years old and lives in Orlando, Fla. He didn’t really become big in the YouTube scene until 2019, which means another name in online anonymity — Corpse Husband — has actually been at it more consistently a bit longer. A Corpse husband face reveal still hasn’t occurred (though the YouTuber will admit there have been some close calls), so there’s plenty of hope if Dream wants to keep his face a secret.

The question is: will that get old? Will Dream tire of being so open online while living his real life in the shadows? Or is he perfectly content with how things are currently going?

If we don’t get a Dream face reveal, I wouldn’t blame him

dream face reveal

Have you been on the internet lately? Terrible human beings have turned it into a hellscape so vile Satan himself could conjure something comparable. Some of these same people would undoubtedly pounce on Dream if he did a face reveal, as it provides yet one more reason for haters to hate. So if the guy decided to keep laying low, I would completely understand the decision.

Plus, he’s really put himself into the perfect situation if you think about it. He can create content as he pleases, share it with the world and soak in all the love and admiration from his fans. But he can do that while not having any of them camp outside his house at night. He enjoys the benefits of fame without the consequences of people knowing his name or what he looks like. He can eat inside a restaurant like a normal human being, hang out with friends at a football game or attend the kind of convention you might expect to see him at and no one would know. That is fantastic.

Although… Dream has already done a face reveal for some!

dream face reveal

If you’re a big Dream fan, there’s one way for you to figure out exactly who he is: become his friend or (somehow) join his family. A few of those people know about the YouTuber’s secret identity and the double life he leads. It’s really a testament to their loyalty that nothing about him has gotten out.

According to an interview Dream did with Anthony Padilla, being a nameless, faceless sensation wasn’t something he’d really planned for. Instead, he called it “just something that happened.” He lives with Sapnap, who of course knows Dream’s real name and what he looks like. Other close friends and family know, too. But they’re not talking, so you can put your hopes of them ushering in a Dream face reveal to the side.

Verdict: I’m going to say no

Maybe I’ll be wrong and we’ll get a Dream face reveal before too long. Perhaps the YouTuber will decide he’s finally had enough of being invisible to his fans and he’ll parade himself on stage and surprise us all. But as I mentioned before, I happen to believe he’s enjoying the best of both worlds at the moment. He can rake in the dough and not have to put up with any nonsense in real life.

So what do I think will happen, then? Dream will just bank his cash until he decides he’s had enough of doing internet stuff. He’ll disappear one day, some new YouTube rising star will rise to take his place and we’ll all move on. But for a blip in time, Dream will have been a B.F.D. in the space. And he’ll have the bank account to do whatever the hell he wants after that.

(But that’s just my prediction.)

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