Horizon Forbidden West

Yeah, Horizon Forbidden West looks amazing

I’m not going to lie to you — I’m already about as sold on Horizon Forbidden West as someone can possibly be. I loved the first game. I’ve been craving the second since it was announced. Everything in between that reveal and the game’s actual release only serves to remind me that I’m not playing it right now, even though I want to be.

With that said, we got a special Sony State of Play today with never-before-seen Horizon Forbidden West gameplay footage. So of course, I tuned in. I needed to see it, if only to imagine myself in command of the controls instead of some designer/professional game player over at Guerrilla Games.

I’ve embedded it below so you can see it for yourself.

I imagine (or I hope, at least) that Sony will have a full 4K feed of the video up at some point in the future.

Update: Here it is.

The streamed version topped out at 1080p and 30 FPS, which doesn’t really do much to give you an idea of how the game will look on a PlayStation 5. It’s worth noting, though, you can already see some of the power of the new hardware at work in the lush landscapes, the reflections on the water, and the towering structures off in the distance.

And how cool was that mammoth fight, by the way?

If there’s one bummer about this State of Play, aside from not being able to play Horizon Forbidden West right this moment, it’s that we don’t know when we’ll be able to play it at all. It’s supposedly still on track for a 2021 release, according to Guerrilla Games. But Sony and the studio opted not to share a specific release date.

But you know what? That’s cool. When Horizon Forbidden West drops — whenever that date is — I’ll be there with bells on. I’ll be ready to play.

That is assuming, of course, I can track down a PlayStation 5 to purchase and play it on.

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